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Here you can download our info sheets and pamphlets.

  All sheets and pamphlets in one file2594 Kbyte z.Zt. nicht verfügbar / temp. unavailable
  example sheet400 Kbyte z.Zt. nicht verfügbar / temp. unavailable
  data sheet watertight (IP68) SK-connectors1202 Kbyte KCC_SK-IP68.pdf
  data sheet Sub-D with snap-in boardlocks386 Kbyte KCC_Snap-In.pdf
  data sheet FFC-cables + inquiry form551 Kbyte KCC-FFC.pdf
  data sheet USB-B-sockets (SMT)289 Kbyte KCC-USB-B.pdf
  info sheet audio-/video-/radio-connectors128 Kbyte g_KCC-AVF.pdf
  info sheet CD Audio-Adder TM118 Kbyte z.Zt. nicht verfügbar / temp. unavailable
  info sheet connectors143 Kbyte g_KCC-stecker
  info sheet computer accessories123 Kbyte g_KCC-computer.pdf
  info sheet PCMCIA-connectors111 Kbyte g_KCC-PCMCIA.pdf
  info sheet power supplies148 Kbyte g_KCC-power.pdf
  info sheet telecommunication technology173 Kbyte g_KCC-telefon.pdf
  Our ISO-Certificate242 Kbyte KCC-iso.pdf
  Our General delivery- and payment conditions81 Kbyte g_KCC-AGB-neu.pdf

  The Adobe Acrobat Reader can be downloaded here for free: